Zooming in on the New Normal for Businesses

How Gistify is optimizing video recording for digital collaboration Most people have settled into the reality that, for the foreseeable future, many companies will continue conducting the majority of their business remotely and online. Given this trajectory, rather than thinking of these operational adjustments as temporary, organizations have to view them on a long-term scale, […]


Meet Gistify: The Productivity Tool For Audio and Video

In our current world, people are often overwhelmed with information. We are in need of new productivity technology to help us obtain the value we need from our material. In 2002, an American science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg came out called Minority Report.  This fascinating fictional film explored ideas for future technology […]


Revolutionizing Productivity: The Genesis of Gistify

Development of New AI Technologies to Identify KeyConcepts Extracted from Rich Media Content Mark Cromack, Founder Gistify is a revolutionary productivity tool that saves you time. Utilizing patent-pending AI technologies, Gistify takes rich media content, like podcasts, Zoom recordings, and lecture videos, and identifies key elements of importance to you. This powerful visualization acts as […]